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Church of the Savior United Church of Christ

That They May All Be One.

934 N. Weisgarber Rd. • Knoxville, TN 37909 • 865.584.7531

Church of The Savior UCC News & Events

COS News

COS Events

Thurs, 1/18

TN Interfaith Power & Light

5:45 PM

Sat, 1/20

Church Council Planning Retreat

10 AM – 2 PM

Sun, 1/21

Regular Sunday Activities


Tues, 1/23

Sierra Club

7:00 PM

Wed, 1/17

Noon Prayer at COS (see below)

Noon – 1 PM

 Evening Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina

6:30 PM

Thurs, 1/25

TN Health Care Campaign at Shalom House

6:00 PM

Sat, 1/27


10 AM - Noon

Sun, 1/28

Regular Sunday Activities



Sunday Morning Religious Education:

Sunday Morning Adult Studies:

Each Sunday, two adult study groups meet in Shalom House (the stone house next door) at 9:30 AM; one for Bible study, and the other for more general discussions of issues related to church and society. For more information about either group, please contact .

PLEASE NOTE: THE COS ADULT STUDY GROUPS gather again on Sunday, January 7 for fellowship and reorientation as we prepare to begin our new studies on Sunday, January 14.

Bible Study Group:

The Bible Study Group has begun to read and discuss a new book: "Say to This Mountain" Mark's Story of Discipleship Paperback by Ched Myers and others.
A "team-authored", popular-level version of Ched Myers' monumental study of Mark, Binding the Strong Man, which adapts its socio-literary method of reading to a work ideal for study and reflection by groups or individuals with limited background in biblical scholarship. "Say to this Mountain" makes the powerful insights of that challenging commentary accessible and at the same time explores the connections between Mark's "handbook of discipleship" and the demands of our contemporary world. In "Say to this Mountain" Myers is joined by a team of authors, Catholic and Protestant, committed to the work of justice and peace, the renewal of the church, and to Christian discipleship. With Myers they share in the conviction that Mark's story has transforming power only as it intersects with our own life-stories and the broader story of the times in which we live. Together, this team has designed a process for reading the Gospel of Mark in which each of the three circles of story informs the other. Carefully organized in reading units for easy study each section includes two parts: "The Text in Context" looks briefly at the themes raised by each episode in Mark's Gospel. "The Word in Our World" draws out one common thread and reflects upon it in light of our contemporary situation.
Throughout the book meditations and practical suggestions emphasize the connections between reflective prayer and concerted action.

Adult Discussion Group:

The Adult Discussion Group began a new book, as well: "The Third Reconstruction: Moral Mondays, Fusion Politics, and the Rise of a New Justice Movement" by William J. Barber II and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.
A modern-day civil rights champion tells the stirring story of how he helped start a movement to bridge America's racial divide. Over the summer of 2013, the Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II led more than a hundred thousand people at rallies across North Carolina to protest restrictions to voting access and an extreme makeover of state government. These protests-the largest state government-focused civil disobedience campaign in American history-came to be known as Moral Mondays.
At a time when divide-and-conquer politics are exacerbating racial strife and economic inequality, Rev. Barber offers an impassioned, historically grounded argument that Moral Mondays are hard evidence of an embryonic Third Reconstruction in America. This Third Reconstruction is a profoundly moral awakening of justice-loving people united in a fusion coalition powerful enough to reclaim the possibility of democracy-even in the face of corporate-financed extremism.
In this memoir of how Rev. Barber and allies as diverse as progressive Christians, union members, and immigration-rights activists came together to build a coalition, he offers a trenchant analysis of race-based inequality and a hopeful message for a nation grappling with persistent racial and economic injustice. Rev. Barber writes movingly-and pragmatically-about how he laid the groundwork for a state-by-state movement that unites black, white, and brown, rich and poor, employed and unemployed, gay and straight, documented and undocumented, religious and secular.
Only such a diverse fusion movement, Rev. Barber argues, can heal our nation's wounds and produce public policy that is morally defensible, constitutionally consistent, and economically sane. The Third Reconstruction is both a blueprint for movement building and an inspiring call to action from the twenty-first century's most effective grassroots organizer.
"A battle-hardened pastor calls for a faith-based, grass-roots movement for social justice...It's the religious component that makes his story particularly interesting. Fully aware of the suspicion Bible-speak arouses in modern progressive circles, the author still insists on viewing the justice struggle through a moral prism, one always backstopped by 'a Higher Power.'...A heartfelt dose of old-time religion mixed with modern-day activism." Kirkus Reviews
"William Barber is the closest person we have to Martin Luther King, Jr. in our midst. His life and witness is shot through with spiritual maturity, subversive memory, and personal integrity. This book lays bare his prophetic vision, historical analysis, and courageous praxis." Cornel West

BOTH BOOKS are available to order on-line or through a local bookstore. Please plan to have a book to read to be ready for discussion on January 14. If you need assistance getting a book, or for more info, contact .

Sunday School Program for Children (during Worship after the Children's Time):

Evan Boswell will be with the Toddlers and Aleigha Owens in the Nursery (0-2 yrs). Rebecca Avery-Quinn & Kaylen Mallard will be with the Primary group (K-2nd) and Shay & Ray Boswell will be with Middlers (3rd-5th).

2nd Mile Gift for January: FAMILY PROMISE

FAMILY PROMISE gives displaced local families temporary shelter in welcoming local churches where they find logistical and social services that support their return to a home of their own. Church of the Savior is a member congregation of Family Promise. Contact: or phone 484-356-5506.

An Evening Out with Steve Scarbrough:

Steve Scarbrough performs each weekend at Stock Burgers on Sutherland Avenue. You can catch him at 7 PM on Friday and Saturday.

COS Book Discussion Group:

The COS Book Discussion Group will meet on Tuesday, January 30, 7-8:30, at the home of Bob Cranny and Kathy Jones to discuss John Irving's "A Prayer for Owen Meany". If you have questions, contact or phone 865-483-7203.

Noon Wednesday Prayer at COS:

Prayer begins at noon and lasts about 30 minutes. Each week, it will include a simple liturgy of prayer, silent centering prayer, as well as prayers for one another, the congregation, and the world for that week. All who have time are welcome to stay for conversation and a brown bag lunch afterward from 12:30-1 PM. If you wish to participate, but need child care, please contact to let him know.

Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina Study:

The COS centering prayer group meets on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 PM (child care provided by request). If you've never participated in a centering, or contemplative prayer group you may not know what to expect. Some would say it is a brief but quietly powerful mid-week infusion of spirit, or a respite from whatever worries or harasses you. Most would say that in the silence, the listening, the reading of scripture, and the sharing, they experience the presence of God. On most Wednesdays, the group follows a simple agenda, like:

  • A responsive reading from a psalm;
  • A brief reading on the nature and practice of prayer;
  • 15 minutes of silent centering meditation. Each one approaches this in their own way. You may focus on a specific word or phrase, breathe deeply, visualize a place that gives you joy, or do something unique. The object is to open and center your heart and mind.
  • Lectio Divina - a member of the group reads aloud a short passage from the gospel while others listen for what they hear the Spirit saying in the passage. This is repeated 3 times, with a different focus each time.
  • A prayer for joys & concerns of those present.
  • Celtic body prayer – a quiet, powerful prayer offered through a series of simple motions.

All are welcome! You don't need to call ahead, just drop by! You may find it fills a space in your life that you didn't know needed to be filled.

Office hours at COS:
Monday-Thursday, 9 AM-4 PM

Our Administrative Assistant, Nancy Best, is in the office M-TH 9-2. (On some days, the hours from 2-4 will be covered by our pastoral staff.) The office is closed on Fridays. Please send all information for the weekly bulletin to the church office by Wednesday. Thanks!

In addition to regular office hours, meetings and visits with the Pastor and Associate Pastor can also be arranged by appointment.

Please Consider Signing Up for Altar Flowers:

You can help bring beauty to our worship experience by donating flowers for the altar in honor or in memory of someone in your life. There are lots of openings on upcoming Sundays. You may bring your own arrangement or you may drop a $25 check into the collection plate if you want the church to provide them. To donate flowers, please see the sign-up sheets in the back of the sanctuary or e-mail the . Thank-you!

Help us keep COS clean each week:

Help us keep COS clean each week. Cleaning begins at 6 PM on Friday. Please e-mail or call COS to volunteer. With a full crew (6) it takes about an hour to complete the defined tasks. For more info, please email or phone 588-7147.

Church of the Savior Information:

If you have any questions about COS, please feel free to contact the church office, our pastor, or staff using the information below. For a pastoral care concern, please call Rev. John Gill at 865-257-3223. For questions about activities for Youth and Children, contact Tonya Barnette. If you have a joy or concern or an announcement to share via e-mail, please e-mail the church office by Tuesday morning. For a bulletin announcement, e-mail the church office by noon on Wednesday. Thanks!

Sunday Worship

Choir Practice - 9:30 AM

Adult Classes - 9:30 AM

Youth Classes - 9:30 AM

11:00 AM

(Communion on 1st Sunday
of each month)




Weekly Events


  • Evening Prayer
    6:30 PM @

Monthly Events

2nd Week

  • COS Game Night
    7:00 PM @ COS
  • Justice Action Team Meeting
    7:00 PM @
  • COS Action Teams
    6:30 PM @
  • FISH Pantry Deliveries

3rd Week

  • Knit or Not
    6:30 PM @ Shalom House
  • COS Monthly Communion Service
    6:00 PM @
  • TN Equality Project
    7:00 PM @

4th Week

  • TN Healthcare Campaign
    7:00 PM @

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